The volume mixer for everyone

Control the volume of game and chat by simply turning a knob.


Designed to be accessible, Maxmix is easy to build and easy use.


The software allows you to customize every aspect it.

Open Source

Both hardware and software are entirely open-source and free to use.

Community Driven

Join the community and get involved. Your voice matters.

Perfect balance

Perfect balance

Say goodbye to the windows mixer.
Fine tune the volume of applications with the turn of a knob.

Much more

Much more

Not just for gamers.
Multiple modes of operation optimized of different use cases.

Make it yours

Make it yours

Designed for customization.
From hardware to software, tune every aspect of it.


1. Build the hardware

Maxmix is a do-it-yourself project.
Just order the parts and follow the instructions.


2. Install the software

A simple installer takes care of everything.
Download the software, install it and done!


3. Plug it in

Checkout the quick-start guide.
Have fun!