We are live!

Release 1.0.0

After many bugs, features and improvements, we are finally ready, version 1.0 is here!
It’s amazing to see how much this project has progressed since it’s initial release just about 6 weeks ago.
Requesting features, reporting bugs, contributing to the development, donating money or sponsoring the project. Your contribution is what’s made this possible and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We want take the opportunity in this special moment to say, thank you!

To celebrate, we’ve made a new updated video, check it out!


  • You can now mute/unmute by double-tapping in both master and application modes.
  • The firmware installer now supports listing multiple variants of the firmware for the same version.
  • This release includes a new variant of the firmware available in the drop-down for half-step rotary encoders.

Bug Fixes

  • The installer no longer requires an internet connection to run.
  • It now properly kills the maxmix process if running when installing a new version.


Download now Release 1.0.0 or let the auto-updater take care of it for you next time you launch the application.

Update the device to the latest firmware by using the firmware installer.


T3knomanzer, XScorpion2, SchemingWeasels, relax81, cs2000, tocklime.

Donors and sponsors

Adam Truelove, Heuristic Designs LLC, HeuristicBishop, Maria Capel, PlayBeing, Alexandre Lagache.