It's here!

It’s here!

It was early last year when I jumped into a game with my friends, this time we were playing on PC and so we created a Discord chat so that we could talk while we were getting ready.

As soon as the game started, the music kicked in and I couldn’t hear my team mates anymore, the game volume was too loud. Hold on, let me go to the options menu and lower the volume a bit. Testing, testing… alright we are good to go! Hold on again, can’t hear the enemy footsteps now…

Man… I whish I had a just a knob in front of me I could turn and adjust volume of the any running application.

After doing some research, I didn’t really like what I found, nothing seemed to fit the bill.

I love working on projects that combine hardware and software and make your life easier so I decided to create Maxmix.

After half a year, failed prints, code crashes and tons of coffee, it’s finally here.

So go ahead, get the parts, download the software, put it together and start using it! I hope that you enjoy it!