Release 0.10.6

Release 0.10.6

We’re so excited to announce that our latest release is here and you’re going to love it.

Master Mode

In the previous release we introduced the concept of Modes.
Master mode is specifically crafted for simplicity. Aimed at users that want to turn up and down the volume without complications, master mode allows you to do just that, simply and quickly.

Maxmix master mode
Master mode

New UI

With the addition of new modes and options, we decided to take a look at ui look and behavior which resulted in the following changes.

  • Item selection screens are consistent across modes both in look and behaviour.
  • Game mode now consists of 3 screens; Channel a selection, channel b selection and volume edit screen. You can cycle between them by tapping the knob.
  • New mode indicator at the bottom of the screen displays the currently selected mode and the number of modes available.
  • All text is now upper case to maximize the use of the space.
  • Element sizes and spacing are now consistent across all screens.
App mode select screen
App mode select screen
App mode edit screen
App mode edit screen
Game mode select screen
Game mode select screen
Game mode edit screen
Game mode edit screen


We fixed a bug introduced in 0.10.5 that caused volume updates to be triggered twice showing a glitch in the device ui.

Display Wake Up

The device screen is only awaken from sleep when the active item changes. This is to extend the OLED display life.

Thank you!


Download now Release 0.10.6 or let the auto-updater take care of it for you next time you launch the application.

Update the device to the latest firmware by using the firmware installer.


T3knomanzer, XScorpion2, SchemingWeasels, relax81, cs2000, tocklime.

Donors and sponsors

Adam Truelove, Heuristic Designs LLC, HeuristicBishop, Maria Capel, PlayBeing, Alexandre Lagache.