Release 0.10.5

Release 0.10.5

We’ve been silent for a while… for a reason.
The latest release is here, and it comes loaded!


This release introduces the concept of *Modes*.
Modes are built to provide a streamlined user experience for a particular scenario.
You can cycle between modes by holding down the knob.

Application Mode

Up until now, the only mode available was application mode.
The goal of this mode was to quickly cycle through all applications and adjust their volume individually.

With that goal in mind, a couple of improvements have been added.

Application groupping consolidates audio sessions belonging to the same application under a single menu item.
A new setting in the application allows you to show/hide the System Sounds item in the device.
Application names now match closer what you see in Windows Mixer. Thi still needs some work but it’s getting there.
If an application is closed while editing the volume in the device, it now goes back to the application selection screen.

Game Mode

When playing a game and chatting, you often want to find the perfect volume balance between the 2.
We realized that application mode wasn’t the most efficient, it required to many clicks to lower the volume of one and increase the other one.

Game mode works by allowing you to select 2 applications.
Once selected, rotate the knob to increase the volume of one while decreasing the other one at the same time.

So now you can select your favorite chat app and game and simply rotate the knob to find that perfect balance. That simple!

Go download Release 0.10.5 or let the auto-updater take care of it for you next time you launch the application.

Remember to also update the device from the firmware installer.

Special thanks to our development contributors:

Special thanks to our donors and sponsors:
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